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Bandipur Tiger Reserve

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is situated in the Mysore and Chamarajanagar revenue districts of southern Karnataka. Geographically, it is an “ecological confluence” as the western and Eastern Ghats meet and constitute this area as distinctive and extraordinary from the point of its fauna and flora. The adjoining notified and non-notified forests including the community land areas of all the border villages have become an integral part of the buffer of this tiger reserve.

Home to a variety of wildlife, Bandipur National Park is a treat for wildlife explorers. This is the largest national park in Karnataka, spread over 874 sq km. It is located in Chamarajanagar district, roughly 80 km away from Mysore.

It once served as a hunting ground for the rulers of the Kingdom of Mysore. In 1973, it was set up as Bandipur Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger. Bandipur is a fabled wildlife destination to spot Royal Bengal tigers in India.

In the last tiger census report (2018), Karnataka with tiger population of 524 is second only to Madhya Pradesh with 526 tigers.

Gray langur, Spotted deer, Malabar giant squirrel and four-horned antelopes are few other commonly seen animals in the reserve.

Bandipur is also known for its salubrious population of elephants. Check this post if you want to know where you can see wild elephants in India: 15 Best Wildlife Destinations for Sighting Elephants in India.

Area of the Tiger Reserve

Core/critical tiger habitat: 872.24 sq km
Buffer/peripheral : 118.279 sq.km.
Forest Area : 465.79 sq.km.
Non Forest Area : (Total 584.069 sq.km.)
Total : 1456.309 sq. kms.

Latitudes 110 35’ 34” to 110 55’ 02”
Longitudes 760 12’ 17” and 760 51’ 32”

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