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Pench Tiger Reserve

Nesting in the southern slopes of the Satpura range of Central India, Pench Tiger Reserve comprises of the Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, the Pench Mowgli Sanctuary and a buffer. It derives its name from its life line-the River Pench which flows from North to South, splitting the Park into two, while forming the boundary of Seoni and Chhindwara districts. The Meghdoot dam built across Pench River at Totladoh has created a large water body of 72 sq. km. out of which 54 sq. km. falls in M.P. and rest in the adjoining state of Maharashtra.

Area of the Tiger Reserve
Core/critical tiger habitiat : 411.330 sq.km.
Buffer/peripheral area : 768.300 sq. km.
Total : 1179.630 sq. km.

Latitudes 210 38′ 55″ to 210 53′ 52″ N
Longitudes 790 08′ 51″ to 790 31′ 55″ E

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