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    Satpura Tiger Reserve

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Satpura Tiger Reserve

The Satpura Tiger reserve is a prime example of central Indian highlands eco-system. It is a unique area of diverse land resources and is endowed with a rich bio-diversity including rare and endemic bryophytes and pteridophytes like Psilotum, Cythea, Osmunda, Lycopodium. The habitat is also an important testimony to human evolution as it houses more than 50 rock shelters which are almost 1500 to 10,000 years old. Geological formations include Deccan trap series, Gondwanas and Meta morphic rocks. Based on its rich floral and faunal diversity, it was declared as the first Bio-sphere reserve of India in 1999. STR is a part of one of the largest Tiger habitats in the world extending over 10,000 sq.km. along with forest areas of Betul, Harda, Khandwa and Melghat forest divisions. Faunal diversity includes Tigers, Gaur, Sambhar, Flying squirrel, Indian giant squirrel and Leaf nosed bats to name a few. Avian fauna includes more than 280 species of birds.

Area of the Tiger Reserve
Core/critical tiger habitat : 1339.26 sq.km.
Buffer/ peripheral area : 794.04 sq.km.
Total : 2133.30 sq.km.

Latitudes 22°19’ to 22°45’
Longitudes 77°53’ to 78°34’

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