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    Similipal Tiger Reserve

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Similipal Tiger Reserve

Similipal Tiger Reserve is located within the Mayurbhanj District, in the Northern-most part of Odisha. The terrain is mostly undulating and hilly, interspersed with open grasslands and wooded areas. The inclined plateau has risen abruptly from the low coastal plains of the District. The steep side faces the Bay of Bengal and run northwards to finally merge with Chhota Nagpur. The water level is high and the tract is woven with perennial water sources converging into rivers like Budhabalanga, Salandi and many tributaries of Baitarani river flowing from the Reserve.

Area of the Tiger Reserve

Core/critical tiger habitat : 1194.75
Buffer/peripheral area : 1555.25
Total : 2750.00 sq.km.

Latitudes : : 210 31’ N to 220 02’ N
Longitudes : 860 06’ E to 860 36’ E

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