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    Udanti Sitanadi

    Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

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Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

The Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve includes total area of Udanti & Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuaries, some parts of Tourenga, Mainpur, Indagaon and Kulhadighat ranges of Udanti Forest Division, Gariyaband District, parts of Dhawalpur range of East Raipur and parts of Sankara range of Dhamatari Forest Division, Dhamtari District.

The Core I (Udanti) of the Tiger Reserve was declared as Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary in 1984 by the then undivided Government of Madhya Pradesh. It is a small but an important Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Gariyaband district of Chhattisgarh. Apart from having good habitat for tigers, it is also contiguous to Khariar Forest Division of Odisha State and acts as Buffer for Sonabeda WLS.  Hence, the location of the reserve becomes significant since it shares its boundary with another proposed tiger reserve forming one (Chhattisgarh-Odisha) Tiger Conservation Unit.

Area of the Tiger Reserve

Core/Critical Tiger Habitat : 851.09 sq km
(Includes Core I Udanti : 275.77 sq km and Core II Sitanadi: 575.32 sq km)
Buffer : 991.45 sq km
Total : 1842.54 sq km

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